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One of the core values at The Care Center is an understanding and appreciation for the healing potential of a person’s faith. Over the years I’ve had many clients ask whether it was appropriate to bring up spiritual issues or share with me aspects of their faith. My answer is always a resounding yes.

Our faith helps us understand our life, our choices, and provides us with purpose and meaning. It is not required for successful therapy but is definitely an asset.

I am a practicing Christian and Christian Counseling is definitely a service that is available if requested but it’s very important to know that everyone is welcome at The Care Center. I have successfully worked with, and learned from, people of all faiths including Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Mormon, as well as Agnostic/Atheist.



Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, personal issues or life transitions one on one counseling can help.


I have over ten years experience helping couples heal from conflict, restore trust, and move forward without awkward communication tools.


EMDR is a highly effective form of therapy for trauma, PTSD, low self- esteem, or people struggling with issues from their past.

Treatment for Dissociation

Dissociation can be very scary and debilitating. Counseling with an experienced clinician can help you stay present and feel safe.

Hands Bound


Whether it’s recent or in the past we can help you begin to find freedom, fundamentally heal, and move on with your life.

Faith Based Counseling

Faith Based

We recognize and appreciate the healing potential of a person’s faith and welcome it in the counseling process.